Day Ninety-Five (12/08): Baltimore, MD to Columbia, PA

Baltimore to Columbia: 35.5 miles (cycled)

Total Distance: 4157 miles

Days in the saddle: 74

Thoughts on today: The day I re-named my bike Darren

Tomorrow is an 80 mile day. Let’s see how they cope with that one.

Adam Francies, yesterday’s blog post

Maybe one of the classics.

Today was going great. My mum did the first split. This has become the custom (two days out of two. One day is random, twice in a row? A pattern is emerging!). Nearly 20 miles from my mum and my dad was a good 13 or so miles in. And then BAM! Or rather, and then bam. It wasn’t really a BAM. I lost concentration (I wanted to wave at the guy on his lawnmower) and crashed right into my Dad’s back wheel. We were going relatively slowly but the impact threw me into the pavement and did in my own back wheel. Spoke broken and, as it turned out, axel bent.

So, it ended up that it was me who was holding back my parents. We drove to the nearest bike shop, which just so happened to be less than two miles from where we were staying for the night.

The whole incident threw me off track a little (metaphorically speaking. But also, well, yea.). I guess I didn’t know whether driving to the next town was ‘cheating’ or not. Was I taking advantage of my parents being on the trip and having a car.

I decided a number of things, but the primary one: It doesn’t matter if I do take advantage of my parents being here. That’s what they’re here for. For us to be together, and cycle, and have a good time, and drink milkshakes. There’s no cheating, there’s nothing to cheat at.

So no 80 mile day. Which is a shame. There’s no doubt in my mind we’d have made it. No doubt. But hey, I had two milkshakes at lunch. Beat that!

Bonus Stat: New State! Pennsylvania. This was the first state I hadn’t cycle into, my bike firmly in the back of the car as we swept North. But still, that’s eleven and counting!



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