Day Ninety-Six (13/08): Columbia, PA to Pheonixville, PA

Columbia to Pheonixville: 58 miles

Total Distance: 4215 miles

Days in the saddle: 75

Thoughts on today: Back in the saddle, back on track.

It rained all night. Poured down. I woke to the sound of thunder. I grinned to myself. This will test them. It’s all well and good cycling in bright sunshine, or fair weather. It’s another more unpleasant prospect having to start the day in a downpour. You know that, whatever the rest of the day has in store, you’re going to spend it damp.

“It’s raining. So, when do you want to get going”

They’re obviously made of tougher stuff than I gave them credit for.

After breakfast we set off, my mum taking the first stint (I told you there was a pattern!)

And to be honest, there’s not much to say about today, except for how impressed I’ve been by my parents’ cycling abilities. In very different ways. They are two very different beast.

My Mum: the pro. She seems to glide up hills. She never wants to go in front, I suspect because if she was ahead she would soon be half way to the horizon leaving me far behind. Seemingly never to of breathe or flustered in the slightest, rolling up hills like they aren’t there. Almost like saying, “what’s all the fuss about?”. At one point today, going uphill, she overtook me, apologising for her speed whilst doing so. I’ve been on the bike for three months. I’m big. I’m strong. I know what I’m doing. And I still can’t keep up with my mum.

My Dad: the tortoise. Slow and steady may not win you the race, but it’ll finish it. He may well be the slowest cyclist in Pennsylvania, but he does his stints. I’m never worried that he’s going to make it to the top of that next hill. However big it is. He’ll be there. I like cycling behind my dad. Because he goes slowly, I can talk to him. Which is a new experience on a bike in the main. I mainly natter on about Watford. Or cycling and gears and stuff. It’s nice. He’s also got a stash of jellybeans. ‘For energy’. Like you need an excuse for jellybeans!



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