100 miles: It’s All Relative

I still remember when I got to 100 miles on this journey. It was my third day. I was so please, and a bit shocked. I’d just cycled 100 miles! I even took a photo:


100 miles. What once seemed so large, now not so. But let’s get this straight.100 miles is a long way. 100 miles is still an accomplishment.100 miles. I was right to celebrate.

Today is the final full day on the road. There is less than 100 miles between here and the non-existent finish line that is New York City. Wherever it is that I stop tomorrow.

Anything can happen in 100 miles. But to be honest, I’m already done. I’m already happy. I’ve already won.

I’ve won experiences. I’ve won friendships. I’ve won memories. I’ve won new places, new people, new things, new talents. New muscles. New respect.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that I don’t make it to New York on bike. This isn’t pessimism, just fact. But whatever happens between now, and relaxing, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve won.


One thought on “100 miles: It’s All Relative

  1. A fabulous, fabulous achievement – well done (these words don’t sum it up – do they?). Looking forward to seeing you when you’re back in Blighty. x

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