What the hell’s going on!

This summer, I will be travelling from Los Angeles to New York. On a bike. A bike I bought on a whim for $200 in Melbourne a few months ago. With legs that, until 8 months ago, had half-forgotten what cycling was.

Those that know me won’t argue when I say how I’m not the most naturally athletic of people. Unless you’re talking about table tennis. However, in September I found myself on the other side of the world – in Melbourne – with no car, few friends and without the London transport system. How was a guy meant to get around? Why not get a bike?

Since then, my love for bikes has grown, as has my ability and stamina. To the extent that I am now less than a week away from starting my 5000 mile trip on two wheels, through 14 states, up mountains, through valleys, on the way from LA to NY.

When I decided I was going to undertake this project, I did it with a mix of enthusiasm and apprehension. Now, months on, there is still that mix. I’m just that little bit more prepared, and I own some lycra. It’s a good place to start.

I am inspired by riding my bike. I see the world from a unique viewpoint. I feel alive and free. I feel lucky. Former US President John Kennedy is quoted as saying, “Nothing compared to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” Let the fun begin!


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