Stats! Pretty! Exciting! Professional!

After seeing the statistics from my cycle after two months, my friend Ben (soon-to-be famous blogger) sat down in his lunch break and created this:


Yea, casual as you like.

Ben writes an unrelated, but brilliant, blog: Although, I really feel it should be called Accidentally Writing Less And Less About Food. Ah well. Really really check it out. But only if you like good writing. And nostalgia. Who am I kidding, everyone likes good writing and nostalgia!


Two Months In: Some Vicious Stats

So, I’m two months into my cycle. One of those, ‘how far can you walk into a forest?’ moments. Let’s take a look back at some statistics and bests/worsts from the last two months.

Miles cycled: 2546.5 miles (1st month= 1148.5 miles, 2nd month= 1398)
Days ridden: 47
Average miles per day cycled: 54 miles

Longest Day: 105 miles (Alexander to Nickerson, Kansas)
Shortest Day: 20.5 miles (Red Canyon to Bryce Canyon, Utah)

States Visited: Six (CA, AZ, UT, CO, KS, MO)
Favourite State: Colorado! It’s just great!

Top Speed: 49mph (79kph)

Highest Peak: Monach Pass (11,312 feet or 3,448 metres)
Biggest Climbing Day: ~5,500 feet (~1,675 metres): Cortez to Telluride, Colorado

Best Public Toilets: Hite Recreation Area (middle of nowhere, never used but seemingly regularly cleaned!

Worst Public Toilets: Walnut, Kansas. I don’t want to talk about it.

Best Piece of Kit: My spork, Looooove my spork.
Worst Piece of Kit: I bought a sleeveless cycling top in San Diego. I sent it home a week later. What was I thinking?

Moment of Worry: Riding along and suddenly thinking I had wet myself. Turns out I’m just sweating a bucket-load.

Favourite Snack: Bananas!

Donations so far: 98 (97 online, 1 offline)

And that website again…:

Beardy Bites The Dust

It was the day some of you were dreading. July 5th. Potentially a future national day of mourning.

Don’t cry. Too much…

I woke up, looking like this:


I had a shower, and my beard fell off!


I know I look happy in that second photo, but of course, it’s just shock.

1000 miles up: A good reason to donate!

Wow. 1000 miles.

1000 miles.

Edinburgh to London: just over 400 miles

Paris to Nice: just under 600 miles

Adelaide to Sydney: under 900 miles

Milan to Madrid: 1000 miles!

OK. So I’ve done the equivalent of going from Milan in Italy to Madrid in Spain.

Cycling from Italy to Spain.


Please donate. It’s a great cause. And I’m knackered. I’ve just cycled from Italy to Spain!

Right, gotta go. I’ve still gotta cycle Madrid to Kazakstan.