I want to donate!

So I can only presume you’ve come to this page as you want to donate towards The Bike Project.

Well first of all, a massive THANK YOU! Now onto the important details. How to do it!

It’s actually very simple. All you need to do is visit the Just Giving website and click donate! So click on the link and go from there!

If you would like to donate in some other way, please email adam.francies@gmail.com and I’m sure we can sort something out.



One thought on “I want to donate!

  1. Adam I have been reading your blog and am sending you my love.
    The Universe is vast. You are experiencing some of its magic, some of its grace and truth. You have met angels along the way, your family are supporting you and willing you on….your friends the same.
    You write with such humour sensitivity and colour, the pictures you have painted, give us the voyeur, the opportunity to marvel at the vastness of the Universe.
    Travel on Adam dear and know that one small person is in awe and admiration of this journey of enlightenment.
    With much love

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